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Controlling Your Emotions Under Pressure

Does Your Trading Psychology Stand Between You and What You Know is Possible?

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Mastering the Emotional Mind that You Bring to Trading. 

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“I know what to do.  But I can’t do what I need to do under the pressure of the moment.  Instead, I do the exact opposite.  It’s like a crazed person comes out of me and destroys my good plans.  It is what stands in my way.”  This trader has just experienced his instinctual emotional brain, looking for short term survival, hijacking his reasoning thinking brain – needed to engage probability.  This is the gap that has to be bridged for you to achieve your potential as a trader.  The mind that engages Uncertainty has to be rebuilt emotionally for that to happen.  Come learn what it takes to master your emotional nature and become the trader you can be.  Sign up for this free webinar now.

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The Mind you bring to the management     of Uncertainty is the Real Edge in trading.  It is yours to de-       velop or to remain stuck in performance.  And the  markets     do not care.

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Controlling Your Emotions Under Pressure

    Trading success looks so achievable  until the money is real.  Then something happens.  After ignoring trader psychology as a light weight topic, it dawns on you that emotional self control is the name of the game.  This is the missing skill.  Initially, traders do not grasp that the certainty based mindset that they bring to trading will never bring success.  Trading success requires developing a probability based mindset.  Management of emotion and the hidden beliefs you bring to the management of uncertainty are the fundamental psychological skills needed for success. 


After banging your head against a wall trying to force yourself to be disciplined – and failing – what is the missing key to becoming a disciplined trader?  It’s about learning about the brain you brought to trading.  And what it can – and can’t do.  There is a better way of shaping a disciplined mindset so that it passes the test of managing intense moments in trading.  Come learn how.  You are going to have to learn how to teach your brain to stay in emotional control under pressure rather than jump to fight/flight (losing control).  Come learn how.  Watch this video now.  

This Month's Educational Webinar from Rande Howell