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Mastering the Emotional Mind that You Bring to Trading. 

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You never see it.  Yet, it sits there in the background of your awareness and keeps sabotaging your efforts at success in trading.  Your focus on success and winning blind you to what is needed for Performance Mind for trading.  This video will show you were to find the hidden mind field that blows up your potential and what you can do about it.  

​It also describes the upcoming Group Course that teaches you how to re-design the mind for Probability Thinking that is so missing in the mind you brought to trading.  Watch it and learn.

Mastering Trader Psychology


Traders stay stuck in non-productive patterns in their trading because they do not have an effective way of the seeing the problem behind the problem.  Consequently, try as they might, they keep repeating the same problems over and over again.  An entirely different way of seeing the world is required.  One, where you discover, the very mind you brought to trading is not going to produce the success you are seeking. 
Mindfulness is the tool to find what limits you in your trading.  It helps you to see what has been hidden from you and causing you problems.  How do you develop this invaluable skill in your trading?  Watch this video and find out.

Rande Howell

 Trader Psychologist

The Mind you bring to the management     of Uncertainty is the Real Edge in trading.  It is yours to de-       velop or to remain stuck in performance.  And the  markets     do not care.

Mastering Your Emotions to Develop a Patient, Disciplined Trading Psychology 

    It looks so do-able (and it is) until the money is real.  Then something happens.  In an emotional ambush, a trader's need to be right or his fear of losing corrupts a perfectly good trading mind.  This is the missing skill.  They do not grasp that the certainty based mindset that they bring to trading will never bring success.  Trading success requires developing a probability based mindset.  Management of emotion and the hidden beliefs you bring to the management of uncertainty are the fundamental psychological skills needed for success. 

    Without training and internal courage, this is the last thing you will want to tackle because it forces you to step out of your comfort zone into the discomfort that facing uncertainty causes to the untrained mind.  This avoidance is why you stay stuck in unrealized trading potential.  You come to realize that the health of your trading account is the only honest way to see your real beliefs in action (or a benchmark based on the trading account).  Beliefs, emotions, and performance are tied together and the trading account is the only real judge.  It will hold you accountable for your performances.  This is the alchemy that gives rise to the Traders State of Mind.

    Successful traders are not trying to control outcome by external means.  They are learning to manage their internal experience and, thereby, controlling the mind they bring into the moment of execution.  By letting go of the illusion of control over outcome, they learn to control the one thing they can control -- the process of trading.  This is their edge over the herd. Do you want to learn how? 

The Mental Block that Keeps You From Conquering Your Fear

Trader Psychology - Emotional and Mental Control For Enhanced Performance

Knowledge Is Never Enough

Using Mindfulness to Develop an Edge in Your Trading Psychology

This Month's Educational Webinar by Rande Howell

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