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Awakening Your Empowered Trading Mind and Trade in the Zone

Does Your Trading Psychology Stand Between You and What You Know is Possible?

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Mastering the Emotional Mind that You Bring to Trading. 

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What Stands in Your Way from Having an Empowered Mindset Consistently?

Many traders have fallen into a mindset called “Being in the Zone”.  The problem is that you stumbled onto it, rather than it being a reproducible skill.  That is the gap that has to be bridged to become a consistently profitable trader.  You can learn how to take that talent and hone it into a skill.  And that is a gamechanger.  Come learn how.  Register for this free webinar.

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The Mind you bring to the management     of Uncertainty is the Real Edge in trading.  It is yours to de-       velop or to remain stuck in performance.  And the  markets     do not care.

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Awakening Your Empowered Trading Mind

    Trading success looks so achievable  until the money is real.  Then something happens.  After ignoring trader psychology as a light weight topic, it dawns on you that emotional self control is the name of the game.  This is the missing skill.  Initially, traders do not grasp that the certainty based mindset that they bring to trading will never bring success.  Trading success requires developing a probability based mindset.  Management of emotion and the hidden beliefs you bring to the management of uncertainty are the fundamental psychological skills needed for success. 


Every trader has experienced moments where everything gelled, and you were in the zone.  Trading became effortless and your dreams reachable.  And then it was gone.  What happened?  Why can’t you access it?  So, you know the Empowered Trading Mind is there inside you.  But it’s hit or miss.  This is called a talent that has not been honed into a skill.  Come learn what it takes to move from the empowered trading mind being an on-and-off talent to a reproducible skill.  Watch this video. 

This Month's Educational Webinar from Rande Howell