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Mastering Trader Psychology

You never had control over outcome, but you do have control of the mind you bring into the moment of performance - that is the trading psychology edge.

Guided Meditations-by Rande Howell, Trader Psychologist

-Breathing for Traders guided meditation  click here

-Developing Mindfulness, the Observer of Thought,click here

-Mindfulness Training Exercise for Traders, click here

-Building the Intentional Mind for Trading, click here

​-Developing a Patient Mind for Trading, click here

​-Overcoming Hesitation in Trading, click here

​-Staying in the Trade, click here

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Individual Trader Psychology Coaching Through the     Ignite Your Spark Program, click here

Developing Traders Mind Group Course, click here

Book and Workbook

- The book, Mindful Trading:  Managing Your     Emotions and the Inner Game, click here

- E-book version of Mindful Trading, click here

- Mindful Trading Workbook Companion, click here 

- Mindful Trading Audio Book, (playable on Apple itunes ONLY!) please click here

Guided Meditations (see below)