The Mastering Trading Psychology Self Study Course

DTSM Self Study Trader Psychology Course Description

The Trader Psychology That You Bring to the Uncertainty of Trading Determines the Probability of Success

    How have you gone about training and building your mind for trading?  Full of beginner's confidence, most traders only give lip service to the need to build their psychology so that they can direct their methodology from a peak performance state of mind.  Several years down the road,  the success they envisioned when they began trading is still an elusive dream.  Just parking their emotions at the door of their trading room becomes hollow advice.  And, for awhile, they stay stuck believing the answer to discipline and impartiality lies in their methodology rather than in addressing the self-limiting beliefs they bring to the arena of trading.

    They have learned the mechanics of trading and a proven methodology but have neglected to develop the part of trading that actually engages the risk of uncertainty with their methodology -- their mind.  Until a trader comes to acknowledge that it is they themselves who keeps blowing up the opportunity that trading can deliver for them, they stay stuck in trading purgatory.  This is when a real student of trading realizes that the psychology (beliefs and thinking) that lured him (or her) into trading is not the same psychology that will bring him the success with his methodology that he knows is possible.  The edge he is seeking is in the psychology of self that he brings to his methodology.  This is the opening to an empowering new possibility for trading.

    This Developing Trader's State of Mind online Self Study course is built for this group of people.  Plus it is designed for people who want to learn independently.

Master Trading Psychology

​​DTSM Self Study Course

​by Rande Howell, Trader Psychologist

Change is a process, not an event.  These are the core trader psychology skills needed to develop your Heroic Nature from your learned reactive nature.

     The DTSM Individual Self Study Course teaches the skills required to build Traders State of Mind.  The DSTM Group and Individual Course cover the same material -- only there are no group sessions or group recording in the Self Study.  It is done through a virtual classroom that has 5 separate sections where the individual skills are taught.  The virtual classroom includes 3 different movie videos where Rande is personally teaching different aspects of the skills.  It also include 10 hours of power point lecture and numerous guided meditations that aid in the development of body memory rather than just intellectual understanding.

The ample hours of teaching video and are supported by a Study Journal that you keep as you move through the different learning elements.  The Journal deepens the learning experience of the course, which includes both the movie videos and the power point videos, plus guided meditations.  (These are the same elements found in the personalized Ignite Program designed for individual study with Rande.)  These elements include:


     Recording of a webinar that Rande presented on Wall Street in 2011.  This is a training for traders.  It gives an overview of the process that you are going to be learning.  You get to see how all the  elements are linked together to produce a Traders State of Mind.  The course becomes more cohesive by understanding the process from the get-go.

Emotional Regulation Training(Class 1 and 2)

     Both breathing and relaxation skills are taught so that you can manage the intensity of an emotion without it hijacking the rational mind needed for trading.  You can learn about the importance of breath and muscle tension for emotional regulation from other parts of the website.

Mindfulness Training  (Class 2 and 3)

     Once you have calmed the body, the mind can be approached.  In this skill you learn how to observe thoughts and beliefs in your mind, not as your indemnity, but as a current organization of the self.  You learn further that you and your thoughts, you and your beliefs are different from one another.  This is the skill that opens the door to transformation of the self that trades.

The Mind as a Committee (Class 3) 

     First you learn that the brain is actually a community of emotional programs that have been given voice as the mind emerges from brain.  Then you learn how to distinguish the historical Internal Dialog (the mind that gives you trouble in your trading) from seizing your sense of identity.  Here you learn to separate from internal criticism and self-judgment (beating yourself up) and fear.  You are not these elements - they are only 2 committee members that has drown out more empowered parts of the mind.

Development of the Empowered Self (Class 3 and 4) 

     Just as there is fear and judgment programs running in your brain and creates self-limiting beliefs in your trading mind, there are also emotional programs that give rise to discipline, courage, self-soothing, and impartiality -- exactly what you need for effective traders.  You will learn how to access these inherent emotional programs by feeling states and by awakening the archetypal energies they represent.

Mastering the Internal Struggle (Class 4 and 5)

     You learn how to bring these new programs (or archetypes) into your awareness and bring an empowered mindset to the challenges of uncertainty of trading.  You become intentional about what mindset you know bring to trading.

Building your Psychological Trading Plan (Class 4 and 5) 

     You finish the course by putting all the elements together in a psychological plan that prepares your mind for the trading day and then guides you through maintaining the trading mind during the various challenges of the trading day. 

What is the Cost of NOT Developing Your Mind for Trading?

     What would it be worth to you to trade from a disciplined, patient, courageous, and impartial state of mind?  How much would it save you?  Most traders acknowledge the price of this online course can make an invaluable contribution to their growth as a successful trader.  Considering that, Developing Trader's State of Mind is a bargain.

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