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Under stress the mind will always fall back into familiar pattern.  This is a major problem in trading where the brain is constantly engaging the uncertainty of the unknown.  This is your reactiveness under pressure.  Until the brain is calmed down from the stress, the mind will always be hijacked just when you need it to be calm and disciplined.  Training is required.

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 Title- Mastering Self-Doubt: Knowing What to Do and DOING It      

 Time/Date:  Thursday, May 10, 4:30-5:30pm EDT


Traders develop the knowledge of trading, anticipating that they will be rewarded.  But then the moment you try to use that knowledge under pressure, access to the hard earned knowledge disappears.  Instead, Self-Doubt creeps into the mind and the dreams of trading get washed down the drain. What happens to a perfectly good mind when it falls apart at the wrong time consistently -- and what can be done about it?  For the few who have the courage to face their fears, emotional self mastery opens the door to a very different way of dealing with uncertainty.  It's like a new life.  Come learn how you can redefine the way you approach uncertainty and find the zone.

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