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Title- How to Build a Calm, Patient Trader Psychology

 Time/Date:  Thursday, July 13, 4:30-5:30pm EDT


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Here are several from past live webinars with some of our affiliates.

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to learn how to regulate emotion and build your trading psychology that trades effectively

These FREE Trader Psychology webinars teach you how to effectively apply your knowledge of trading in the pressurized environment of trading. 

This is what really counts.  It is the EDGE.

Under stress the mind will always fall back into familiar pattern.  This is a major problem in trading where the brain is constantly engaging the uncertainty of the unknown.  This is your reactiveness under pressure.  Until the brain is calmed down from the stress, the mind will always be hijacked just when you need it to be calm and disciplined.  Training is required.

Do you know what really causes you to lose control of your trading mind?  It’s easy to talk about the symptoms of fear, anger, or greed.  But what is behind the emotion, triggering it, that is holding your trading hostage?  If you knew, you’d be a step closer to achieving your potential in trading.  Come and learn what stands in your way and what you need in order to produce the calm, patient mind necessary for effective trading.

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