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Under stress the mind will always fall back into familiar pattern.  This is a major problem in trading where the brain is constantly engaging the uncertainty of the unknown.  This is your reactiveness under pressure.  Until the brain is calmed down from the stress, the mind will always be hijacked just when you need it to be calm and disciplined.  Training is required.

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Building a Winning Trader Psychology Mindset

Date/Time: Thursday, April 8, 4:30-5:30pm EDT


Why do you keep losing emotional control and crashing your potential even when you try really hard?  It’s seems so do-able – all you have to do is keep your act together and success is yours.  But you can’t.  Truth is that you are asking your brain to do something that is its worst nightmare.  And it rebels by emotionally hijacking you. This is the problem you have to solve.  How do you learn to train the brain into winning ways?  Come learn what it takes to build a brain/mind for trading success.  Spoiler alert – what you believe about winning is causing you to lose in trading!  Sign up to join us for this webinar.      

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