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 Title- Scarcity Thinking:  The Real Problem Behind Fear-Based Trading

 Time/Date:  Thursday, October 17, 4:30-5:30pm EDT

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These FREE Trading Psychology webinars teach you how to effectively apply your knowledge of trading in the pressurized environment of trading. 

This is when Trading Psychology really counts.  It is the EDGE.

Under stress the mind will always fall back into familiar pattern.  This is a major problem in trading where the brain is constantly engaging the uncertainty of the unknown.  This is your reactiveness under pressure.  Until the brain is calmed down from the stress, the mind will always be hijacked just when you need it to be calm and disciplined.  Training is required.


How many times have you been here?...

The trade finally gets in the black after a serious reckoning with uncertainty.  A little rattled, your plan says to stay the course, but your skittish mind says, “Take the profit before it is taken away!”  In the heat of the moment you take the skinny profit out of scarcity thinking.  Time and time again, like a broken record.

It’s not just fear of loss.  It is the fear of losing what you already have that drives your thinking.  And until you learn how to master your scarcity thinking, you will be stuck with underwhelming profitability.  Come learn how to master your scarcity thinking so that you can follow your trading plan to target and actually make real the profits you are leaving on the table.  Watch this video..