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Under stress the mind will always fall back into familiar pattern.  This is a major problem in trading where the brain is constantly engaging the uncertainty of the unknown.  This is your reactiveness under pressure.  Until the brain is calmed down from the stress, the mind will always be hijacked just when you need it to be calm and disciplined.  Training is required.

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TOPIC - Staying Disciplined While Taking Losses

Date/Time:  Thursday, Sept. 9, 4:30-5:30pm EDT


How many times have you taken a rough loss because you were consumed by a fear of losing?  Intellectually you know better, but when you are being stopped out, primitive instinctual survival skills take over and sweep your mind away.  Suddenly, you hate losing and will do almost anything to not lose.  Yet, losing is a skill that must be developed if you are to become a winning trader. 

Learn about the origins of your dislike of losing so that you can interrupt its destructive cost to your trading.  And learn about coming to a new understanding about both winning and losing that can set your trading free – so that your fear of losing no longer sabotages your trading potential.  Come find out how.  Register for this free webinar and start the journey of learning to lose like a professional trader. 

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