"Before I learned how to use trading psychology, I would wake up in the  morning
               with knots in my stomach.  I couldn't shake the self doubt no matter how much I
               tried to stay with my plan.  I'd second guess myself always wondering if was
               was making the right decision.  Once I learned how to prepare psychologically
               for the trading day, everything has changed.  My self doubt and impulsivity has
               quit getting the best of me.  I was able to follow my plan this week -- and I
               didn't trade.  The markets were too volatile, and my plan is not to trade in
               volatile markets.  That's a big improvement for me.  I used to get sucked
               into revenge trading.  Not any more."

   What is unique about mastering trader psychology for traders is that I train people to produce a calm sense of authority that is impartial and dispassionate -- this is very different.  That is what produces success in trading -- not attachment to outcome and passion. If you really do the work and do the practice, you will transform the mindset that you bring to your trading psychology.  You will be able to move beyond fear, self doubt, grandiosity, and impulsiveness and trade from your Trader's State of Mind. 

 What Am I Going to Get?  

     This is a big multi-media course, completely downloadable, that includes seven chapters (pdf format) totaling 285 action-packed pages.  In addition,  10 audio book MP3s are included to help deepen your learning experience.  This gives you added access to the material as you drive or exercise.  Also 8 separate guided meditation MP3s are included that deepen the skill sets taught to calm the body and mind and to access the powerful parts of the self that are needed to take you to the next level.  Finally 8 MP4 videos teaching the concepts are included in the training program.  In total, 19 audio MP3s and 8 video MP4s are included to give you the maximum advantage of this powerful programming.

     In addition to the Ignite Your Spark Training Program you have access to 10 one-on-one sessions with Rande Howell (MEd, LPC) that will hone the skills taught in the Program to your personal psychology.  You will learn the roadblocks to your success and will develop an individualized plan to the peak performance Trader's State of Mind.  And you will learn how to maintain your calm sense of impartial authority throughout your trading day.

     It gives you the individual coaching that positions you to develop the psychological skills that fits your trading plan.  It will also give you the coaching to develop the tools for peak performance in your trading.

  What You Will Receive and Own

     The Ignite Your Spark Training Program  for Traders Includes the full Ignite transformation program (pdf book, audio MP3s, video MP4s) and access to ten (10) personalized one-hour phone or Zoom consultations with Rande Howell (MEd, LPC) specifically designed for trader needs.  Results depend directly on your application of the skills and tools taught in this course to your trading.  Committing yourself to training the mindset you bring to trading and using the coaching sessions responsibly is essential.

     The Ignite Program is designed to take 3 to 4 months to complete.  This is intentional because it takes this long for long held, entrenched self limiting beliefs to be regulated and transformed into the empowering beliefs about the management of uncertainty necessary for effective success in trading.  This course takes the trader beyond the seminar high or glow that happens after a short course -- and then fades in a couple of weeks. 

     The consults are usually done with Zoom so that you are talking to and seeing Rande as you work through the program.  People report that the experience is like being face to face -- only you and Rande will be in different parts of the world.  Here, your homework and your progress is delved into and a strong working relationship is established  with the aim to build the mindset needed for effective trading.

     If you are considering this course, you are encouraged to explore it further by signing up for a free consult.  This way you have the opportunity to take a closer look and see if it for you.  Click here for a free consult.   But how do you push through the resistance of your comfort zone of self limiting beliefs that holds your trading prisoner?

     My question to you is this: how much is it worth to you to stop the bleeding of your trading account?  Or the lack of achievement of the potential that dwells within you?  Each day, week, month, and year -- the cost of not acting is adding up.  The cost of the Course is modest by many traders understanding of curtailing their continuing losses or lost profits.  Compare your need for a bargain and your resistance to change to your need to improve the mind that trades.  You are getting a bargain.  To me it's a question of what you want.  Let me know. 
Please note that payment plans are available for this program. 

    For more information, contact Rande at rande@mytradersstateofmind.com or Delores at delores@mytradersstateofmind.com.


The Individual Course - Developing your Trading Psychology for disciplined Peak Performance Trading

Mastering Trader Psychology

     The Ignite Program is for the serious student of trading.  Individual mentoring by Rande Howell, Trader Psychologist, is at the core of the program. This program is a highly personal and comprehensive agent of transforming your trading mind.  The Ignite Your Spark Program is a set of tools and skills that equips people to move to a higher level in their personal development.  Many clients describe it as graduate level course where the student gets lots of personalized attention.  This Trader's State of Mind Course is a specialized application of the Ignite Process applied specifically to trading.

                        "I want to thank you for working with me and leading
me into this Ignite

                    Your Spark For Traders journey!  The course came at the perfect time in

                    my life.  The material is fantastic and right on, well worth it's weight in gold

                    for anyone who is serious about achieving peak performance

                    in trading.  Honestly it was more than I could have ever asked for because

                    it's helped me in so many other areas of life.  Learning how to control

                    emotions and to re-wire the mind has made a dramatic impact on the way

                     I interact with my family. 

                           Not to mention the effect it's  had on my trading.  I'm now able to be

                     the consistently winning trader who I've worked so hard for 5 years to be!  

                     I'm especially thankful for our 1 on 1 coaching sessions.  You absolutely

                     know how to teach this and use it as a tool for transforming one's

                     trading performance and entire being.  I am deeply grateful for this

                     experience of working with you and again I thank you with all of my heart "

       The Ignite Program enables you to build a step by step, highly personalized, psychological process that prepares you to bring the right mindset to your trading day.   This course will teach you how to break through your psychological roadblocks to successful trading.  Even better, it will teach you how to maintain a calm, detached, impartial mindset though out your trading day.  The result is far less internal drama and more profitability.  Would you want to be trained so you can do this?

Mastering trader psychology requires that  the Mind has to be trained to embrace the uncertainty of trading as calmly as it used to embrace certainty. 

 Legal Disclaimer and Refund Policy
 These materials are educational materials that are intended to help you develop skill sets involving emotional state management and higher functioning states of mind in the performance of trading. They do not guarantee success. They help develop the skills necessary to manage probability and uncertainty found in trading. After receiving initial materials for the Ignite Course, please review for 3 days. If you are not satisfied with scope and content of the Ignite Course, you may return materials in the condition they were sent for full refund less postage and a 10% restocking fee. Keeping the materials beyond this period warrants an acceptance of the Ignite Program and conflict resolution and refund policy is at the sole discretion of Traders State of Mind, Empowered Horizons, or Rande Howell

The Ignite Your Spark Individual Trader Psychology Program