Ultimately it comes down to your amygdala (emotional brain) coming to trust higher brain function to perform under pressure.  And it has no experience that causes it to trust you initially..


Polaris Trading -- David Dube

Master Trader Psychology

ProAct Trading -- Scott Barkley

These Are the Affiliates that We Find Trustworthy and who Attempt to Create Healthy Community

Building a Reliable Network of Help for the Student of Trading.

Over time we have found one of the major problems that aspiring traders have to deal with is discerning the wheat from the chaff in all the organizations offering services to traders.  What we are looking for are like-minded companies and people who have felt a sense of duty to truly serve their clients as part of their business delivery.  Trading is already a hard-enough profession to master!  Building a network of responsible partners for developing the trader's skills for success is really a team approach.  We seek companies who have proven they can deliver quality services for affiliation. 

Traders State of Mind recommends the listed Trader businesses, and we have partnered with these businesses in promoting the education and training of traders worldwide. (Please click on each one below for more information.)