"Rande's course was very helpful to me because it helped me understand why I was doing those things that caused me to make poor trading decisions and correct them . It also helped me bring out the parts of my personality that enabled me to think clearly and calmly and actually execute my trading plan fearlessly and with confidence. The course on trading psychology is not difficult, but it requires a commitment by you, and a willingness to look at yourself honestly."   RO

"I have intended to write to you regarding my participation recently in your Developing Trader's State of Mind online course by Rande Howell, Trader Psychologist since I attended the last webinar in late May. My problem is; how do I convey the enormous amount of pleasure, life changing information, techniques, I wish I could list many more benefits, but my mind is failing me at the moment, that I have experienced during the course. I have been trying for my entire life to change my core thinking that has been so destructive and debilitating for what seems to me, for ever. You both have given me the tools to finally fulfill my dream, and a paltry THANK YOU seems so inadequate. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. It has been a pleasure to meet and share with you the journey of the course and I can say without hesitation, the most valuable and enjoyable experience of my life. Until the day I take my last breath, I will remember with fondness what you have given me. A gift so important to me." 

Testimonials: Rande Howell on Trading Psychology

Emotional control, confidence, discipline, and patience come from being a student of trader psychology.  Bringing the traits into working awareness creates the Peak Performance Mind.

Trading Psychology Testimonials are divided into video references and written recommendations from quotes

      "I knew how to trade.  I knew what my trading psychology should be like to trade.  That's easy.  You can read books and sit in on a ton of webinars.  Out of that you can "talk the talk", but my trading account was telling me that I wasn't "walking the walk".   Moving from WHAT the mind is supposed to look like to trade to learning HOW to change - that is what was missing.  I knew I had to change; I just didn't know how to do it. The problem was, before Rande's work, I didn't know how to work with my mind and develop the internal discipline for successful trading.  Now that's happening."  MC   

Mastering Trader Psychology